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Saturday, June 20, 2015

To the Bluffs.................

Thursday we decided to try the Bluffs. Empire is a small village in Leelanau county. It sits amidst the Sleeping Bear National Park. The whole of Leelanau county is wonderful, in fact the whole of Western Michigan is wonderful. A huge playground for us. Well anyway Empire Bluffs is a beautiful spot and somewhere I have meant to go for a long time. Laura had not been there so it was a beautiful day for it. Warm but not humid.
 photo DSCN4787_zpswjr39oqs.jpg
The walk to the bluffs is through lovely woodlands
 photo DSCN4770_zpspsdh9ctr.jpg
No mosquito's yet. Then look at the view Nanny
 photo DSCN4782_zpssjeh2d7i.jpg
A break in the trees did show us a lovely vista.
 photo DSCN4783_zpsdw05dwyu.jpg
The parks have put up boardwalks now and it is a lot safer than it used to be.
 photo DSCN4785_zpsis85jejf.jpg
 photo DSCN4793_zpsg4tlyq51.jpg
 photo DSCN4794y_zpshsur3wrf.jpg
There is an abundance of wildflowers growing on the slopes of the Bluffs. I was thrilled to see such variety
 photo DSCN4813y_zpsdt3kbs6t.jpg
 photo DSCN4807uy_zpssydkkl2k.jpg
 photo DSCN4797y_zpsf3gjjd6x.jpg
Too many to show........after we had our fill (oh how I would love to sit up there alone)we went back down and had a picnic. Tristen says it's not a picnic if you dont sit on a blanket so we parked them on a blanket
 photo DSCN4822u_zps9t4dgf9j.jpg
What to do next? Well we drove through the back roads to the old farmsteads we enjoyed last year. We just wanted to go run in the meadows there. It was so beautiful
 photo 100_7775_zpsdtbszwfr.jpg
 photo 100_7826y_zpsp6qfhd1r.jpg
 photo 100_7758u_zps2ytmf1bc.jpg
 photo 100_7773ui_zpsafkqc2tp.jpg
There were many wildflowers again there in the meadows, poppies in bloom, brilliant in the sun.
 photo 100_7813_zpsjxqkvowz.jpg
 photo 11349941_10153396414469761_52261795_nLJ_zpstevh2frl.jpg
 photo 100_7786_zpsdr89hodq.jpg
Beautiful butterfly hovered around the flowers. A bush of Mock Orange smelled exotic. The butterfly loved it. So did we. I have not smelled Mock Orange since I left England.
 photo 100_7797u_zpstsbfkjvx.jpg
 photo 100_7792u_zpsl4l55zlp.jpg
 photo 100_7791k_zpsnyvr9lfv.jpg
 photo 100_7809u_zpsxss8v7ic.jpg
When we were done frolicking (hehe) in the meadows we walked back to the car and drove along the quiet roads and saw this baby hiding just a little way away.
 photo 100_7832u_zpsacipri8o.jpg
We got back on track and to the main roads again, stopped for ice cream before taking the drive up the dunes.
 photo 100_7865_zpsyr0t4nts.jpg
The kids had so much energy left. Where does it all come from?
 photo 100_7859_zps5n07qyqs.jpg
 photo 100_7855_zps9alshklj.jpg
The rasberries will be out soon
 photo DSCN4759u_zpsczsme3ob.jpg
The kids rolled down the hills screaming and yelling. I don't know why ours have to be the loudest, they are always just so full of it.
 photo 100_7849_zpscnb5uegs.jpg
The Monarch was unimpressed and was looking for Butterfly weed.
 photo 100_7871u_zpscdfczobu.jpg
and even after all that the kids still wanted to climb the dune climb.........
 photo 100_7877_zpsiduon1sy.jpg
In fact several times. Laura and I sat in the car.
Then headed homewards, we did stop at the lovely Wildflowers store. I have to stop there when I pass. They have unusual garden ornaments and wonderful flowers.
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Merlesworld said...

What a wonderful place it's got got all and ideal for high spirited kids.

Marianne7Sevens said...

Oh, what a beautiful place to live, Janice! You have everything on your doorstep. Even though today is the Solstice, it's cold, grey and windy here...not fair! Time to win the lottery and emigrate! I do love reading your blogs and seeing all the lovely photos. :)