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Friday, September 2, 2011

Digging Out Of The Hole.............

I am feeling very virtuous today. I took in a whole bunch of gold jewelry and sold it. It brought me about 1200 dollars. I bought a lot of jewelry when I was working. I love gold, yellow gold and I love diamonds. Unfortunately only can buy small diamonds but hey, they are the real thing. Now I dont work outside the home, I seldom bother to put on or to change my jewelry. I wear bracelets and earring every day, consequently I have broken a few bracelets. So, I went through and was ruthless. I took in a baggie with all my treasures. I knew I would be tempted to come out with something new but I didn't. I am determined to begin to pay of some bills. I have always used credit cards. So many things come up and we never have cash. Things like a new refrigerator that could not wait.
So I had a garage sale to pay for gas to take us on our trip to the U.P last month. I took the rest from my retirement fund, what's left of it. So that trip was paid for. That's how we must continue. So, I made a start. This will pay off at least two of my small bills. I will then cut up those cards. I want to keep one card simply for convenience and it will be a real accomplishment if I can get that far by the end of this year. During the next few months I think I will go back through the house and find things to sell. I need to unclutter in any case. Maybe that will either pay off another bill or it may pay for Christmas. I am excited. Its a goal, something to work for and a step in the right direction.


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