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Thursday, September 15, 2011


I am sooooo ready to redecorate my home. I am sick of it as it is. Trouble is I do not have the money to do it. Now I know paint is not too expensive so I may just be able to swing that one. Maybe even a little paper. to convince my husband. He will be the one doing the work. I hate that kind of painting. I know people who love it but that is not me. I want to do Tristens room first because it really needs it the most. I want ideas for a little boys room that is not too childish even though he is only 2. So I will just have to look around blogland and find some inspiration. Any ideas are welcome.
Then the bathroom downstairs and I think from there into the Kitchen. I want some bright colours but not loud colours. In the bath a pale blue or aqua would work well and really brighten it up. The toilet and sink are dark green and they have to stay so what theme would I choose. Right now its fishes and seashells. My downstairs rooms I want to convert over to English cottage and bring in some flowers. Right now my colours are dark. A very deep brownish red in the living room. Dark olive in dining and the kitchen is a peachy colour and the front room and study is yellow. Sounds horrible. Its not but I really want a change of sorts. Tristen has about ruined the carpet, well him and the other babies in the house including the poodles. Come to think of it the teens were worse. So I must save for an area rug because I cant replace the carpet.
So I need to think of small things that will make a big difference. If anyone can recommend blogs to give me ideas I will just love you.

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