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Monday, April 22, 2013

Personal may want to skip this post.

Everyone seems to go on about personal freedom like its a right or something. So much is going on these days, we read in the news about shootings, bombings and terrorists. Its nothing new. So many countries deal with it every day and worse. It's somewhat new here in the States and people want something done about it. What they don't want is to give up what they see as their personal rights, they want something done but for it not to effect them.
I came from a country where no one I knew had a gun, the police didn't carry guns and it was just a non issue. Farmers had shotguns most likely but it was not something we saw that often. They did occasionally go rabbit hunting I do know that. My point is no one saw it as something we needed to protect ourselves from our government or our neighbour. Rather a shock to come here and see the gun culture. I hate it. Its like America never got over the wild wild west days.
Everyone wants a gun and want to be able use it. They feel threatened when someone even suggests that they get a background check in order to buy one. Never mind you need a licence to drive a car, or to get married among other things.
So what is personal freedom.? real life is there really any such thing.? If you have a child then you have no personal freedom, you have to put the need of your child first. If you have family then most people put family first and have to give up some of that freedom. Then again, in todays world that is not necessarily so.
Now people believe that if a pregnancy is not convenient, well they just kill the child and be done with it. Even if the child is about to be born they have they believe the right to terminate. It's not a child? Let them tell themselves that if that's what they have to do to live with themselves. How doctors can take an oath "do no harm" then snip the neck of a child as it begins to come out of the womb I don't know. The mother believes its her personal right and that supersedes the right of the child to live. I would not want to see abortion illegal, I remember when it was but this has gone too far.
I am sick to death of selfish people, people who think that they have the right to personal freedom without consideration for the rights of others. Sometimes the right to live in a safe world, to be safe in school, in the mall, in the theater. Why do they think their right to own a gun is greater than that?
What happened? When did it become necessary to take the law into ones own hands instead of letting police take care of things. When did we stop trusting the police. When did doctors and police loose their ethics and the respect of the public? I know a lot is on the news media but they do not always create the news(I am sure some do)
So what am I saying?.............I personally believe in gun control. I do not believe it is a right to own a gun in any civilized society. It should be a privilege reserved for those who qualify by passing certain criteria. Mental health for one thing. Criminal background checks for another. If people want to play with the big guns join a club and leave the guns and ammo there under lock and key. Hunting needs a licence and I believe that only certain guns should be allowed. Why would you need a semi automatic? certainly not for hunting. Not for protection. Well that's my opinion and I know its certainly not a popular one. Its just how I feel, and I know it works because I have lived in a country like that. I was never afraid of my government, I trusted them. I don't know, its just different there.
England has had its share of terrorism from the IRA among other terrorist groups. People just done freak out and decide they need to have a gun and get them themselves. I am more afraid of the yahoos with guns here than of the government. Its something I just do not understand. How responsible gun owners can support the NRA.
No one wants to take away anyones guns. Where is common sense? I do not vote because I am not a citizen here. What I think does not matter much. I never will be one even though I can never go home to live. I can not in my own conscience ever endorse this way of life. What really pisses me off is how the people and government point at other countries and hold themselves up as an example.


Merlesworld said...

I do agree with you, guns do not make you safe nothing does there is always danger but when everyone has guns it increases the danger.
Here in Australia we have gun control it's not perfect, we still have problems drive by shootings and hold ups but it would be very hard to get a semi automatic or heavy guns or handguns as they are banned.
I feel safe to walk the streets here but would not do so at night but that is mainly in case I fell over as I not a young as I was.

Magic Love Crow said...

I agree with you my friend ;o) I don't know what I would do if I lived in the United States? Such a different way of living! My brother and one of my close friend's lived in the United States for awhile and they said it was so different!