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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Train rides.............

When I was about 4 apparently I ran away with our dog Jerry. He was a Sheep dog blend. The kind who herd sheep that is. He was very smart. Well I remember when we got him because I was sitting on the floor at my grandparents house (Dad's folks) and Jerry ate a balloon and threw up under the chair. He was very small at the time. Mum thought there was something wrong with him because he had a bump on the top of his head. I guess she was not too familiar with dogs because the vet said it was just the shape of his head. I digress...........Jerry and I were firm friends in no time at all. The house we lived in had a huge back yard where Granddad grew vegetables and kept rabbits (for food...I did not know that at the time) I could talk forever about that house, St Omere. My grandparents rented it and at some point the owner wanted to sell it. During the war my nan had soldiers billeted there and I was told they lay like cord wood on the living room floor. Soon a German POW was assigned to them. He stayed after the war and when the house was up for sale Granddad could not buy it. My Dad didn't want to go into debt so.......Max the German POW bought it and my Granddad had to leave.............again, I digress.
One day Jerry and I went on an adventure. I don't remember this at all, only fleeting pictures in my mind. Apparently my mum found me. I can see her now standing talking, mum wearing a turban on her hair and her pini on, her arms folded over her chest wtching as one of the men climbed down to get me off the railway tracks. Jerry would not let anyone near me. I think my dad eventually caught up having gone looking elsewhere and got Jerry by the collar. I can see that in my minds eye too. Mum was going to smack me for running off but Jerry went for her hand. I was not punished. He was a good dog.
 photo b990c491-3172-4857-95b9-8ffa8af2992d_zpse5236a3d.jpg

In later years we would walk past that spot on the way to Dunstable. We walked most places when I lived in England. My friends and I would stand on the railway bridge and watch the steam trains go under and stand in the steam. I often thought of my old dog and wondered what would have happened if I was not found when I was.
When I was older we would take the train up to London to go shopping after work. It was 30 minute on the fast train, it only stopped a couple of times. London shops stayed open late on Thursdays.
when I worked in London I caught the train every day from Putney to Vauxhall. Train travel was something we did all the time.
I have yet to ride a train in the USA.
One of my favourite shows as a child was The Railway Children it was a BBC TV series on childrens television.
 photo a8666abd-9b4b-45e0-b27b-b44f597fbb7e_zps098a43c1.jpg
For a fun family show, watch on Netflix.
 photo f0efa9fb-adad-4606-b7c6-a335bb95031a_zps2906e852.jpg
I do intend to ride a train here some day...........I want to take the train to Agawa Canyon in Ontario.

 photo 71cbb96e-4737-4a6b-82dd-30e9a125dd2c_zpsc104b728.jpg

....and next time I go home to England I think I will take the train from London to Edinborough Scotland.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this ost so much, just beautiful.
I live just down the street where you board the Agawa Canyon Tour train,

NanaDiana said...

What a very interesting. What an adventure. I bet your Mom was frantic. What a scare for all of them- xo Diana

Antiques And Teacups said...

What a great story. I can just see you and the dog. Railways were a big thing in England. My husband grew up just by a railroad. We regularly still take the train up from London to Birmingham & the Mids when we are home for a visit, use the tube in London etc. But we love trains here in the US too and take Amtrak at times. It's just that England is so compact and had such good rail service and so few cars I guess. Now, we do trains for fun and scenic journeys...or to go across the border into Canada because it is so much easier than a car. Great post!

Magic Love Crow said...

My mom loves trains! If she could, she would take a train everywhere! LOL!

Donna Wilkes said...

I so glad I came over from your comment on my opium bed post. I have read and read down your different posts. I love the style of your writing. You can tell a great story. I am now a follower and look forward to reading more.

Marigene said...

I am happy that you were rescued before a train came through! I remember riding the train to visit my great grandparents when I was about 5 or 6 years old...don't think I have been on a train since then.

Nic McLean said...

What an interesting post. I love to hear about different ways of life. The house sounded wonderful it must've been such a shame for your grandad that he couldn't buy it. Dogs are amazing and it sounds like you had a great bond with yours. How fortunate that you were found when you were but how loyal that he protected you from getting a smack from your mum!