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Friday, April 26, 2013

This Land is My Land.............

I am going to join up with Friendship Friday with this post.

I was born and raised in England. In Bedfordshire to be exact, that being about 30 miles north from London. I will always be English, I can never change my nationality. That does not mean I don't like it here in Michigan because I do. I live in a beautiful area on the Great Lakes, Lake Michigan. We have it all. Sand and beaches, shops, arts and crafts, winter sports.........we have vineyards and cherry orchards. We have casino's that put on great shows and an art institute that has great entertainment and concerts.
Ken Scott a brilliant local photographer captures Fishtown perfectly
 photo e68ea96f-3b31-4afc-ac00-082da8863925_zps570f3817.jpg
We have woods and forests, rivers and streams, dunes and meadows.
 photo 3d75dc89-f81b-45cc-8fa1-94c7ab3df37a_zps72610f95.jpg
There are great hiking and skiing trails and there is never "nothing to do"
 photo 59e0aff9-14cd-425e-b184-9d0256ae6623_zps5cdbaf66.jpg
Waterfalls and beaches, lighthouses and shops.
 photo 5db0f8fc-5b01-43b1-990e-334396c9e1ea_zpsddcfedb7.jpg

I simply love Michigan.
 photo bd4c4055-740d-4fa2-8137-4e1ea2749cf1_zpsc343e776.jpg
Michigan is now my home and I am happy here. My heart though, my very soul....will always rest in England. Land of my birth, my heritage, my history, my ancestors. I can never ever give that up. I may never live there again, I made my choices many years ago before I really knew the consequences.
London, always beautiful for me.
 photo b2aae04f-d16a-4fa0-a46d-8244e3bbf41a_zpsf3b479ca.jpg
Durdle Door
 photo 979c0715-add4-41b3-a4d2-ac9510b40ea1_zps486e4056.jpg

Ancient Beech woods
 photo 29b30d42-d2a9-4d8e-b38e-3f7d1919fb0d_zpsd75ee612.jpg

I could post so many beautiful pictures, but if you visit my blogs you will get to see them. I am always talking about England and share stories of the past.
Meanwhile I will be out and about in Michigan and taking pictures of my own.


Anonymous said...

awww, I think your heart is big enough for both countries, both are amazing!

Marigene said...

It would be interesting to have lived in two dream is to visit England.

Merlesworld said...

I been to both those places and they are both beautiful well not London so much and some places in America but the photos are lovely.

Magic Love Crow said...

Great post! Both places very beautiful!

Noelle the dreamer said...

Home is where the heart is Janice, I must agree, no matter where we actually live!
Lovely photos Dear!

Create With Joy said...

Thanks for sharing - I SO enjoyed your post!

I think that no matter where we live, we never leave our "birth" land behind!

I think living by the Great Lakes would be so beautiful. I learned something today: I did not know there were casinos in Michigan!

Have a great weekend and hope you'll join us for Inspire Me Monday!

Create With Joy

Poppy said...

Hi Janice,

So nice to meet you!

It's all gorgeous! I was born and grew up in Toronto, and I believe Michigan and Ontario are quite similar! Your pictures of nature are breathtaking! I especially love the one with the lighthouses - my red and white nature!

Looking forward to seeing more and following you back!

Poppy :)