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Thursday, January 8, 2015


Every year I get myself a day planner. In that I write down all the birthdays and events. I put in the usual phone numbers I use and our social security numbers, my medications. In fact everything I might need on a daily basis.
It works for me. I also keep a book with it with my bills that I am responsible for with the amount owed and what date to pay and what I pay that month............this system has worked for me for years.
My day planner is something I also enjoy, it has pretty pictures and inspirational verses among other things.
 photo 43afe223-17cd-4c31-837f-ee2d20abeccf_zpsfa948ade.jpg
In my planner I write my goals for the year to come. Its wonderful when I look back and have succeeded in doing at least some of them.
This year my goals will be to "Live Life to The Fullest" as my granddaughter Alexandra would say. I mean by this that every day will be worthwhile. That I can accomplish something worthwhile. Oh we always have non productive days, or sick days or varients of that theme. That is not exactly what I mean. I want to enjoy the time we have without thinking ahead too far. Be more in the moment so to speak. I would like to spend more active and influential time with Tristen. I would like to set about the adoption process this year. He calls us Mommy and daddy sometimes, it gives him some comfort in his school situation. May as well make that legal as it will be 4 years since we lost Alexandra.
 photo 9092a924-ee5d-4f1f-a786-6160b9c64a6e_zpsda6de0c1.jpg
That was in December and she died in February. We have been raising Tristen ever since. We want to make it permanent and keep him secure. We have put off doing this for several reasons. David, the father has never been involved and we did not want to stir things up. Now after 4 years I think we have the right to do this. I am also concerned about the Commins family, they go back and forth on if we should or not. So, I have put it off. I am nervouse about doing this because I don't want any fights between us. I think this is what is best for Tristen in the long run. I will also do my will, and put everything into writing to secure his future. I leave the rest in God's hands. I keep feeling this nudge to get it done.
That is one goal for this year anyway.............
 photo 1606f412-cefb-4e09-8501-e2082d843d89_zpsd861c3b6.jpg
I also would like to take a trip to the Upper Peninsula. I think maybe Laura and me with the two kids could manage that. It would be more difficult if Gerry and I went because of the dogs. In that case we would have to have someone stay at the house to watch them and that would cost us. We have not been up there in some time now and we want to go. I am not sure we will get as far as to visit Danielle or Carrie but we shall see.
One thing I have been wanting to do is to get down to Copper Harbor, there are some grave yards down there with Cornish miners in them. A lot died in mine accidents, some of scarlet fever and many women in childbirth with babies following soon after. I would like to write down some of the names and see if I can find where they came from and maybe find their family in Cornwall. Just something fun to do.
Well those are things to write in my planner. No overseas for me this year.
The nice thing about a planner is I have goals month by month as well as for the year. We found some great places last year in our days out. I want to find some even better ones for this year.
 photo 2f328405-9d61-4175-a882-2958fb431947_zpsaf3373ea.jpg
I really want to make some progress when it comes to crafts. I want to be able to complete some gifts for this year. Some quilts and crochet, some art and felt things. I realize I did a new years post quite simular to this one.............I have at least got all my stuff sorted and on hand. No excuses. I also intend to write a new blog. I have made a start, but it will be slow going. My Dad did a journal, I had asked him to write about his war years. He started in his childhood and died before it was completed. So not so much war stories but at least I have something. So all I really have to do is copy what he wrote, That first, then maybe I can add footnotes and pictures. After finding "An American Piano" and the lady who played it I have much to add to his story. All for now


Mac n' Janet said...

Good luck on your goals and the adoption process. You sound so organized. I get a new planner each year, but don't have nearly as much info in it as you, I think I've been inspired.

Magic Love Crow said...

You got a lot going on there girl! I wish you all the best! I want to live everyday to the fullest too ;o) You know, I always buy a nice book to write everything in every year and never do it! LOL! I bought two this year and only have written in them once! Got to get my butt in gear! I think you should do the adoption ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

Kay G. said...

Dear Janice,
Good luck with the adoption, I pray that goes well for you all.
I also wish the best for you in your goals for this year. God bless you.
Love, Kay

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Lots of exciting things to look forward to. You are smart to organize everything in your planner, too! Have a great weekend!

Pawsitively Creative said...

Wow. I read you blog almost like a book. You are a truly amazing individual. My fingers are crossed for you with the adoption! Bless your heart. I think I am going to try the planner idea. You have inspired me to set monthly goals as well. Thank you for sharing a piece of you with this blog! Hugs! ~Niki