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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tristen and Bodicea.................

Tristen loves Bodicea. Bodi is not so sure, but is beginning to appreciate that he can give good scratches. Here Bodi is trying to get his attention. She was not really sure she wanted it, but did want her tummy rubbed.
 photo f9590156-2546-4f0b-baab-62e0be2f8c0d_zps202ad038.jpg
Here they are like two buddies watching TV.
 photo 871fb7a9-954d-43bd-b5f3-bbd6cdec3e31_zps4cacaced.jpg
 photo d1115f82-2b0b-484f-9cd0-da1918024f47_zps66957d6e.jpg
Bodi likes to be fussed but is still wary of Tristen. He used to be much rougher with them than he is now he is a bit older. The smaller poodles still wont have much to do with him. Gentle Bella is getting to enjoy him a little bit. She will go to him for pets but doesn't hang around too long. Brea, well she still does not like him and will spend a lot of time under the couch. She likes being under things. Half way through the night she gets off the bed and goes under it.
 photo b13ee1b5-af69-4b00-be16-4bde3ac15801_zps881a8453.jpg
They are a pack, and we are their pack leaders.Look at the lazy lot
 photo 0814d216-5948-4e71-8b0b-285dbe787617_zps89af9c54.jpg
Anyway, Bijou sort of wants to play with Tristen but she too is very wary of him. He was too rough as a baby and toddler. He is getting better but can still be inappropriate in my book. They are too easily hurt and they will be protected from kiddie games. Bodi seeks him out but I still watch them both like hawk. I am not afraid of him getting bit, but of them getting hurt.
 photo b7e6eb18-dd94-421b-a229-324d8ae5d6c3_zps1f3a6529.jpg
Bodi has the biggest eyes and such an expressive face. You can see how she feels right there. He wants a kiss, she is not sure.
 photo 784d00c4-5333-484f-9662-3e910b358c3c_zps9a7e8688.jpg
 photo 6c3f5192-1826-494e-8b8b-91771dd62baf_zpscb19481c.jpg
 photo 6b8393e6-faba-48c0-92e9-7f3ec919438d_zps7fa6d753.jpg
Meanwhile Bella is taking the opportunity for a nap next to me.
 photo 35ce9837-6b49-4c0d-8e36-d665bd315322_zps42ffa92c.jpg
Later everyone settles down for a nap while Tristen goes off to play
 photo 9f7da271-0693-4dbf-ac20-d729624a68b2_zps3a890531.jpg
 photo eec1383b-3d5e-4a46-a426-ffdf894dd39c_zps2139ccdf.jpg
Bella is zonked
 photo 4f1576e1-2f93-4044-b768-2adedeb0679d_zps83725e8b.jpg
Well thats a short episode in one day of poodle and boy activities. Brea was still under the couch as the others crashed on the couch with me.


Mari said...

How adorable ;-)


Magic Love Crow said...

So cute! Love, love, love!