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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Finished for now...........................

Well, as I promised I would update after I was all done. For now, its done. I did change out the old coffee table and put Laura's old one. It opens the room up but is the same size, or bigger.
 photo 6bfe477a-1c26-4256-88f3-f2117777fc98_zps8b270fce.jpg
I fluffed up all my flowers, rearranged and made them look a bit better. The one in the living room I bought for 15 dollars a few years ago at a resale shop. It just needed tweeking to be nice again. Beneath that are my three fairies that represent my oldest 3 granddaughters. Danielle (the blond) Alexandra playing the flute and Gabrielle seated. At the time Alex was learning the flute.
 photo 2e1b7459-f9b6-497c-9daf-869c8341d4ff_zpsdf826603.jpg
Then I took advantage of all the teapots that I have, I took some out of the glass cabinets and set those around. These two are sitting on another of my dad's embroidery efforts
 photo 83b816ad-58d0-4f9a-adeb-cf78bb433282_zpsf44a2ab6.jpg
The little gold and white one with salt and pepper shakers, was from my thrift shop that I like. I have not been there in awhile. I take two poodles to the groomers on Sunday so if its open I will pop in.
 photo 2d1adf9d-db86-4e4b-8a0f-9184b1558cee_zps37051554.jpg
This display of flowers has been around for quite awhile. The vase was my grandmothers.
 photo a10ff8e9-4877-448d-968e-814cc9abaa1e_zps2571e394.jpg
I got the flower shop at the thrift shop also. It was originally to use out in the garden but liked it enough to keep inside. The two Siamese cats are salt and pepper shakers
 photo 583a49e4-989b-40a9-a394-6c05e685a2ff_zpsc6e1651c.jpg
I have put several cups and saucers on display, just for a change. I have a lot of pretty sets and can change them out now. Enjoy them rather than shut them away all the time
 photo 72efd227-0c8f-4072-85a1-32cad7d50d32_zps930e0155.jpg
I still have all my craft supplies sitting out that I put in glass jars. The picture is me, I loved the hat, so left that out. I don't usually have photos sitting around.
 photo f3e29fb4-8b7f-4aed-b154-3ac6e0a3a26a_zpsee261eae.jpg
I could go room by room but wont. I think we have had enough of all this now. Time to move on. Maybe I will show the bedroom when that gets done.


Gail Welter said...

I love your style! And I love Susan Branch's art! Today is mt 'deconstructing day'! Wish me luck!

Magic Love Crow said...

Everything is looking fantastic! It's nice and cozy ;o) I love the picture of you!! Hugs ;o)