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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


We stopped for a short visit to Boscastle. The village, with its picturesque harbour, is a popular tourist destination. Among the attractions are the Museum of Witchcraft, the Boscastle pottery shop, and access to the South West Coast Path. Much of the land in and around Boscastle is owned by the National Trust, including both sides of the harbour. we saw a lot of lobster pots sitting around. The Boscastle area is known for its connections to Thomas Hardy. The former harbour stables are now a youth hostel run by YHA, very popular with walkers. The National Trust runs a shop at the harbour, and a visitor centre in the Old Smithy. Its not that far from Tintagel it was a must stop and see for us. Outside the visitor center there were a few of these "logs" with carvings in Cornish and English. Yes there is a Cornish language. 100_1325 The village is built mainly from local stone as are quite a few of the villages in the area. Some are whitewashed and give it that quaint fishing village quality. 100_1338 The river coming in from the Harbour makes a wonderful place for kids and dogs to play. Several dogs were having a great time chasing stones being thrown for them from the bank. This one was sticking his head under to find the right one. 100_1336 100_1334 This little toddler in his wellies is sooooo cute and having a fun time. 100_1333 The shops all over England put out the water bowls for the local dogs. As I have said before the way the dogs were welcome all over was just sooooo refreshing.Something I greatly miss where I live. 100_1315 The houses are just so pretty and the shrubs and flowers seem to be larger than life. 100_1316 100_1350 100_1347 Just another lovely place we saw on our way to Avebury. We stopped the night at a farm house for bed and breakfast. It was rather nice. 100_1367 Our room above and the hallway outside the room 100_1366 The lady who ran the bed and breakfast was the sister of another one that we stopped at. Liz and Rodney had stayed with them before and they stopped to say hello. 100_1361 100_1362 Back to where we stayed, more sheep. I love sheep. 100_1359 I will do more on the place we stayed in my garden blog because I want to show more of the flowers.

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Anonymous said...

Did you know they had dreadful flooding in Boscastle in August 2004 following torrential rain. A 10ft wave swept through the village washing away vehicles, and destroying buildings. Miraculously no lives were lost. It is so good to see it recovered as it is such a pretty little village.