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Thursday, September 20, 2012


Our next stop Clovelly.......what a beautiful place it is. The whole village is private. One actually pays a fee to go in, can you imagine. Well, if it keeps it the way it is then thats what has to happen. We did not know what we were in for as we started the trek down ....... 105_0031 Looking at roof tops at eye level should have been a clue. 105_0032 The pathway was cobble stones. If you were Jason that would not bother you but those of us with ailments are a different matter. I have to watch my step having only one working eye and Liz had an issue with her ankle. 105_0036 The road itself was steep and uneven. There are no cars here, but donkey's are sometimes used to drag sleds up and down with loads. We were almost all the way down when a man with a fully loaded sled of garbage bags came hurtling down. We thought we were dead for sure. Well before that we stopped in a small museum. Come to find out Charles Kingsley was a native son. The creepy looking man is him. 105_0044 105_0045 Continue on down 105_0038 When a person lives there, they must be held to certain standards because all the tiny gardens were perfect and ther were a lot of cats. 105_0049 The windows and the window boxes, walls ETC were all pretty. The flags still out for the Jubilee celebrations. 105_0052 The first view of the harbor......... 105_0060 .........and Jason was already down there. We were still hobbling along. 105_0063 At this point Liz and I were still struggling. There were some young fishermen leaning on the wall as we came to a difficult bend. They joked with Rodney saying "I bet there was a day that you could chase her down there mate" to the delight of the rest of them. I was having a hard time seeing where to step next because on the bend the going was very rough and the light was not good. One of them offered me his hand and helped me the rest of the way to the rousing cheers of the rest of them. Nice to know there are still some gentlemen around. Meanwhile, Jason was watching dolphins over on the wall of the harbour. We got down just as a shower hit. 105_0065 More harbor views 105_0066 105_0067 We decided to take the jeep back up on the outside road...........good choice. My blisters were growing blisters. 105_0070 What a beautiful day it was.............on to Avebury.


Suzy said...

Looks like a very interesting place...very rustic!

Anonymous said...

It is a killer walk, I agree. I didn't know you get a jeep to take you back up, I have always wheezed my way back to the top!