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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Our 3 day trip begins..............

Day one saw us heading for Devon and Cornwall. We had our itinerary worked out and our places to stay. Packed light and got on the road early. We found ourselves going through the New Forest and it was so beautiful. The trees so green after all the rain that summer. This Monday was sunny and warm though and just heavenly. (this is not my picture but I wanted to show the difference between how the forest is there to what we know here in Michigan) new-forest-1 The ponies are allowed to wander where they want. People who do not want them in their gardens have cattle grids to keep them out. Otherwise they go where they choose. 100_1048 nfjpg "Pony 'drifts' are held each year in the summer and autumn, when both commoners and agisters ride out across the open forest to round up the animals. Herding the animals together in a pound allows several jobs to be done at once with help at hand (such as tail clipping and veterinary checks). Any colts are taken off the forest before they can breed, as are ponies that are to be sold or kept on a holding through the winter." (from the official web site) This guy takes a long nap oblivious to the fact that traffic must got around him. 100_1046 This years babies just drift along and follow mum. They don't worry about traffic, they know it will stop. 100_1047 NFPjpg There are cows also that are left to fend for themselves during summer months also "common" law rights of any "commoners" who live within the forest. There are several breeds of deer too. The Fallow Deer, The Roe deer (we saw some) the Red Deer and Sika. The large herds of Fallow deer tend to stay in one area where they are fed. There are many miles of hiking trails and lots of lovely places to walk across common ground and brushland. The Oaks and Beech trees, the Gorse and Broome, Heather and ferns. Great nesting places for Partridge and Pheasant. Great hunting for Fox and Badger. Here is an amazing link to an article about the ways of the New Forest and about this year's round up. Next off to Corfe Castle.


DeniseinVA said...

Great post, those ponies remind me of the ones that run wild on Dartmoor. Have very fond memories of many trips to the moors over the years. The New Forest looks gorgeous!

NanaDiana said...

Oh- I love those sweet roaming ponies. How wonderful to see them just along the roads and byways.
What a wonderful trip you had- xo Diana

JOHNSON, Cotswold Hills, England. said...

Glad you had such a good trip - you certainly got around the country. Must have brought back lots of memories.