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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day with Marie ..........

On Thursday Liz took us to Mark and Marie's house for a day out with Marie and the girls. Liz had to have some surgery on her leg so had a day off so to speak. We arrved at Burgess Hill quite early so we could have a full day of exploring. Marie was a wonderful hostess and very knowledgeable about the local history. That made it all the more fun. They are crazy and we enjoyed the trip immensely. We started off by going to visit the horses. janix_zps75b4b6c6 I even found a poodle. Here with Binny and Beth. janpoo_zpsf8a1b4f6 I can not remember exactly where we went that day, its a blur......but we stopped at this church to have a look around, this is Marie explaining something or other. 105_0171 I do know that as we went to the "yard" to see the horses we then went to the college and they had these enormous speed bumps. Well one jumped up and took out the nuts under the car and it was making a terrible noise. 105_0178 So we went back home and exchanged Mark's car for Marie's and then set off again. We stopped at a place that sells Cider and we got to tastw samples. Here is Jason tasting.........The Meade was great. Next door was a lovely place that sold cheese. I bought several but never got a chance to eat it. I really wanted to try the Buttercup. Hope it was good Liz (smile) JasonandCider_zpsbe09020f We stopped for lunch and me and Marie chose a cream was awesome with wonderful sandwiches and scones to die for and that wonderful cream. jani_zps13211a59 jan_zps04fa5bc4 We went to see some Windmills called Jack and Jill.....not sure who this one is. The Clayton Windmills, known locally as Jack and Jill, stand on the South Downs above the village of Clayton, West Sussex 105_0185 This was close by,,,,,,,,,,,,,The Long Man of Wilmington. 105_0181_zpsaa8f1c1a Some how I do not think I have things in order but this was interesting and Marie knows her local history. She would make a wonderful tour guide because she makes it fun too. This plaque shows where the 17 martyr's were imprisoned. Cliffe Hill is a hill to the east of the town of Lewes in East Sussex. Also to be found on the hill is an obelisk known as Martyrs' Memorial commemorating the destruction of Lewes' monastery by Henry VIII and the burning of the 17 Protestant martyrs known as the Sussex Martyrs in 1555–1557. 105_0179 Off we went to Brighton........This is the Pavillion. We didn't go inside. I have been there before and we didn't have a lot of time left. 105_0193 The old Pier destroyed by fire in 2003, probably arson. 105_0196 The Brighton Pier now.........with Marie 105_0195 It was a fun day and we arrived back at Liz and Rodney's. they had gone to bed by the time we got in. It was a hoot trying to get in. It was like Fort Knox with all the locks. We couldn't get them undone and were outside having giggling fits trying to unlock the doors.The outside motion detector lights kept going on and off. I would think ships at sea thought we were signaling them. Tomorrow.........a journey home.

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DeniseinVA said...

I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed these trips back to England. So much fun to see all these lovely photos and read about the people and faces you've visited. Beautifully told!