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Monday, September 17, 2012

Tintagel part two...................

I didn't think I should make my Tintagel post any longer, although I must add two more pictures that I found today. I wanted to show The Old Post Office in Tintagel here on another post. Tintagel Old Post Office is a 14th-century stone house, built to the plan of a medieval manor house, situated in Tintagel, Cornwall. The house, and its surrounding cottage garden, are now in the ownership of the National Trust. For 50 years in the 19th century the house was used as the district letter-receiving office and the Trust has restored it to this condition. There are some really nice needlework samplers in the bedrooms. The house is full of antiques of what looks to be good quality. Here are a few of the pictures I took. 100_1239 100_1247 The inside is well worth the looking and the back garden is amazing with little places to wander through the shrubs in back. Little pathways.......I would love it. 100_1250 100_1251 100_1259 Low beams and ceiling so beware if you are tall. The steps are narrow and steep. 100_1291 The beds look very uncomfortable............look at the beautiful windows though. 100_1288 100_1289 The back garden with its well and shrubs, quiet places to sit and read. 100_1265 100_1271 Look at the Fuchsia bushes 100_1276 Well I could go on about that place but there's more in the village than that. Nothing to compare to the castle of cause but some nice watering holes with pets welcome. 100_1301 As its close to Port Isaac I am sure this is why I found this shop. I was not able to go inside but now I wish I had. Must go back. 100_1237 Well I do believe the next stop was Boscastle.

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Anonymous said...

I've been in the Old Post Office a few times. It really is a case of Mind Your Head! I haven't seen the honey shop before, I must mean we are due another visit soon to see what has changed!