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Thursday, October 11, 2012


The bible tells us that Angels walk among us right here on earth. They will be in human form and so you won't know that they are Angels. At least that is how it seems. Angels are created beings, made by God for specific reasons. The bible has a lot to say about them. Satan, or Lucifer was the most beautiful of the angels. He became ambitious and wanted to be like God, he wanted mankind to worship him like they worship God. word01 Some are Messengers. Sometimes they come to give a great message and come in the form of glory as they did to the Shepherds when Jesus was born. Mostly though they seem to come in the shape of another person. Many people have believed that they have been helped by one. My only personal experience that I can think of was when Jason was a baby. We were in a local park and playing. He was just a toddler, just learning to run. You know how they do, chest thrust out and legs pumping full of giggles........he ran away from me and so I ran after him, I was a little way off and he thought it was a game. He was running towards the road so I stopped hoping he would stop.........he didn't. He was about to run between two cars and a woman stepped out in front of him. I didn't see her before, no idea where she came from but she has always seemed heaven sent to me. She put her arms out and stopped him just before he got to the road. Was she his guardian angel? angels-guardian-angel_zps90d57558 Some Angels seem to be entertainers for God. Heavenly choirs that is. We all love music and I can only imagine, no I really can't imagine angels singing. I know when the Shepherds saw them in the fields the poor men fell to the ground and hid their faces. Was it frightening? or just so beautiful they could not look because they knew it was Holy? I don't know. Anyway, God says that Angels were created beings. They were made specifically for the jobs they do and for God's pleasure and to glorify Him. We on the other hand were made to be companions to Him, friends with Him but God did not want robots and so He gave us free will. He wants us to Love Him, because we can not because we have to. I love this picture, although a child may find it scary if they didn't understand what an Angel will do for us. He will guard us when we are vulnerable. Yes, we all die.............but if we belong to God the Angel will keep the devil away, we must pray for that. Pray for God to protect us. Remember when children said prayers at night we must give our children the protection that God provides us. GuardianAngel-5 The Archangels, Michael a fierce protector. In the New Testament Michael leads God's armies against Satan's forces in the Book of Revelation, where during the war in heaven he defeats Satan. Gabriel is a messenger between God and man. He announced the arrival of Jesus and told Mary she would be blessed. They are not removed from mankind these wonderful beings. They are in our lives now and forever and some day we may meet them, who knows. Raphael is a healer and these three Archangels are said to be among seven who stand before God. jpg_Gerard_David__Altar_of_Archangel_Michael__Oil_on_wood__Kunsthistorisches_Museum_Vienna_Austria The old timers painted these beings as people like us, not as spirit beings. They are primarily spirits with the ability to put on human form. You are not about to see an angel with wings unless they come as a host as they have on a few occasions. I am not sure why I chose this topic for today and I must review and edit it, but I just want to get the point across that Angels are real. They are not little babies sitting on clouds. They are not our deceased relations who are watching over us, they are real beings created for the purpose. As real as we are. There is a whole other world out there that we can not yet see. Some day we will. I look forwards to that.

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Another lovely post, very interesting and beautiful pictures too.