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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Playing outside...............

On one of those last beautiful days in early Fall, I stayed outside while Tristen played. I was inspired to write the poem that is on the blog bellow. The wind was blowing but it was so warm and just plain pretty. Still quite a few flowers blooming. Mainly the Asters and Pansies. The Mum's are not blooming yet, except for the two new ones I put in recently. It has taken awhile for my other Mum's to take off. I did learn to pinch them back in the Spring a couple of times. That seems to have been the secret. While musing on these things Tristen was busy undoing my work on the patio blocks. Sigh!!!!!!!....... 101_0418 He always wants to be right where I am instead of playing back in the play area. He has the playhouse and sand box but wants to be next to me. 101_0417 So he "borrowed" my shovel and got to work. I tried to encourage him to fill in the cracks not dig them out but......nope. I have given up for this year in trying to make everything look nice. Maybe next year? 101_0415 I was determined to just enjoy the sunshine. The day before we played football but he was just more into digging this day. Pretty soon the sun went behind some clouds and we went inside. I made Tristen some tea.......he loves his Earl Grey. 101_0426 So he had a snack of some caramel wafers and his tea and was a very happy little boy for awhile. 101_0425 He was feeling so good he gave Bodi his blankie for a nap. Bodi is not so sure. 101_0427 So that was our afternoon, my pictures are on my garden blog.

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DeniseinVA said...

He is such a sweet little boy. I really enjoyed this post. And the last photo of your dog, he had such an expression. Yes, a lovely smile bringer this post.