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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Frosty Mornings.............

I was talking on my garden blog about the beauty of frosty mornings. I remember getting up to go to work when still living at my Mum's house. The window panes were always covered with patterns in ice. There was no heat in the house except for a coal fire in the living room. Dad had the job of getting up and stoking the fire. It was chilly at best. When I was first married we spent some time there at my parents home. They gave us their bedroom for the duration. Well my husband being American had not dealt with unheated houses. He would get undressed and dressed best he could under the covers. What a wimp. To put it delicately he chose to have a "poe" under the bed rather than go downstairs to the unheated bathroom. He thought it was quicker if somewhat cumbersome. I could not tell him how to use it, being a woman...... and he was not about to ask Dad. I would roll around laughing as he literally froze his arse off. It would have been quicker to go downstairs. I digress.............when I was young and going to work in the mornings, those lovely crisp days were a joy. Maybe not at the time, but I appreciate the experience now its over. It was beautiful though without a doubt. I have chosen a few pictures that I have found on the web as because I could never capture the scenes myself at the moment. The scene I recalled was me walking along the path to the road and seeing the cobwebs frozen on the hedges. It was so pretty and my breath was in the air, my nose tingling with cold already, a scarf wrapped around my face. I don't even bother with a coat anymore. Photobucket I had to walk to the bus stop and pass the fields on my way. These pictures evoke such memories. They are not mine and I apologize if I have not given credit to the owners as none were listed frostycows I took a short cut to the bus stop down the "little lane" past cow pastures and fields. Often the frost was so thick on the trees it could have been snow. flat550x550075f (by photontrappist) Standing waiting for a bus on a cold November day was as cold as I have ever been. I have never been so cold here in Michigan even in sub zero temps. Somehow the cold in England gets in the bones. frostjpg When the morning was full of hoare frost then it was indeed magic. I seldom see frost like this here in Michigan and so it makes me think of home and those cold cold days before heated homes. Great memories and I really do not know why except that it was a more simple time. A more honest time somehow.


The French Hutch said...

I so enjoyed your story. I can only imagine your husband being stubborn and funny at the same time! Such wonderful memories you have from your childhood and the amazing show from mother nature on those cold days. Gorgeous photos.

The French Hutch

Anonymous said...

I love mornings like that when I am walking the dogs, as I know the ground will also be nice and firm and I won't be sinking in mud!
We laughed recently when our Canadian friends were over. We were thinking how lovely and warm it was and they were freezing, lol.
Lovely memories, my family home was like that until the seventies. As kids we would get dressed in front of the fire, mum would have warmed our clothes beforehand.

laurajane said...

You bring back such wonderful memories.I love this time of year.I grew up in the 50s ,and no one had heating in my road.Having a bath was just awful.We had this old gas geyser ,it almost blew the house up every time you lit it.Getting out the bath and trying to get dry before you froze to death,with your teeth chattering so much you thought they would fall out.LOL
Having said that,they were still truly happy days.