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Saturday, October 13, 2012


Dreamin, I'm always dreamin.....hoping .....and all that. I always dream. I usually remember them, some are really not memorable but I know what I dreamed when I wake up and soon forget them. I seem to dream a lot about work. Last night for example I had gone back to work after some sort of emergency (thanks to those movies that show what the world would be like for example without electricity)........well I was called back somewhere to key punch cards the old fashioned way, to service the computers. The old Hollerith hand punched cards. My companion in my dream was Dolly (now deceased and was too young to have known how to use them) but we had a dark office and had to get the work done...............that brings me to the people who populate most of my dreams. Dolly and Lynn, two friends who have died. I dream of them probably at least once a week or every other week, sometimes more. Why? Maybe because of the shock of their early demise? Until recently I never dreamed of my parents. Now I do. I seem to dream of my mum more often than I ever did my entire life. Maybe unresolved issues? I don't know.
Then there are houses. I know I form attachments to houses I always have, but the ones that come in my dreams I can remember always, and I dream of them often. I can bring them to mind now. They are like real places to me.............The house with antiques in an inaccessible attic that I manage to find my way too but can not move anything Grandmother's house (but its not) that I find her in on occasion. The house that we build and never finished, so that I forget that there is another part to the house, and in my dreams when I am in need of space I remember it and plan to decorate. I could draw a plan of that one. I frequently fly home to my parents house but usually only my mum is there. Then there is a man who I meet on occasion, I do not know him in real life but he is the same person always in my dreams. dreams_zps2f4bb2ff My deceased pets visit me. I have had my horse sitting cross legged in the front of my car talking to me like a person. My poodle pals come to visit, some seem to be lost. I just love that I can see them if only in dreams. Some dreams are the product of a vivid imagination, alien attacks and so on......or where I say "I'm not playing anymore I want to wake up" just about when I am to get killed. Or when I can fly and swirl around in the air, or under the water........ Can__t_touch_my_dreams____by_azuryl I do have bad dreams, and when I do they are a doozie but I don't often have them. Then there is the "I have to go to the bathroom dreams". I hate those because I spend the whole dream looking for a clean bathroom. The ones I find are so dirty and ugh!! sickening that I wake up and of course I have to pee. Just as well I wake up because so far I have yet to find that pristine bathroom in my dreams. Dreaming We do not really know what dreams are, but I do know that I love that part of my life and enjoy it immensely. It's almost like participating in a movie every night. I don't know if we are resolving our problems, or working out relationships or what they are but for me its something to look forwards to.

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