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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin Patch October 2012

Today was brisk. Sunny and very brisk, in fact bloody cold at 45 degrees. Still we went to the pumpkin patch out near Beaulah. Dan was going to pick up Tristen but I wanted to know where it was so was going along. Then Laura and Reina wanted to go, so in the end we went in two cars. Debbie and Dan with Lauren and her friend, and Gabbie, Laura and Reina with me and Tristen in the other. What a mixed up family we are arn't we. Dan and his wife and ex wife and ex mother in law, a mixture of kids in tow. I love it that it's turned out that way, that we can all be friends. I know Reina and Tristen will be very glad of it. 102_0410 Here is Debbie enjoying the goats. The rest are the ones in the barn. inbrnjpg So after going through the barn, that is the petting zoo we stood and waited 15 mins for the "hay wagon" .........such as it was, it was really a tractor pulling a wagon of sorts. PicMonkeyCfreezingjpgollage Then it was all aboard. Not sure if it was really worth it but the kids made the most of it and I suppose it was alright then. Thats me under there hayride Thank goodness they provided blankets, lots of them. hayridejpg The next thing was hot chocolate and popcorn and then we got the kids faces made up.........Reina was thrilled with herself. Meanwhile some other kids came over and Tristen and the youngest boy were nose to nose figuring out who was tallest. Then they watched him get his face done vanityjpg facepaintingjpg After that......well we spotted the pony standing doing nothing and so that was next. hor 102_0408 So after Reina had her go we went to see the pigs..........well we could not leave without seeing the pigs. Tristen has sort of gone off pigs. 102_0412 The pumpkins were pretty 102_0390 I didn't buy any though. Gallaghers has a much better selection. So will go there during the week if theres a pretty day. Tristen was NOT happy to go and ran for his life, Laura had to chase him again. He was howling and smudged his make up. So it really looked like he had camoflage paint all over his face sort of........I wish he would get over that. I know its hard for a 3 year old to leave activities when he is having fun but........we are no spring chickens here (smile) Sharing with A Dedicated House and Make it Pretty Monday. Thank you to our hostess for allowing me to share a family Autumn day.


Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

What a fun day - and very chilly- it is that cool wind that does it.

It rained here all day, once state south of you.

I love you do such neat activities with your family.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a really fun day out. I think I would have run with Tristen when it was time to leave!

NanaDiana said...

What a fun day and what a beautiful family/friends. I love the one of the pony and smiler on its back. Blessings to you-xo Diana

Magic Love Crow said...

Great post! So much fun! Loved the pictures!!!

Cindy Adkins said...

Janice, your grandchildren are so beautiful. Reina has gorgeous brown eyes! It looks like a fun day - although cold! I can just see Tristen running with all his mite when it's time to leave. lol