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Friday, June 23, 2017

A Walk With Cooper...................

Gabby and I went for a short walk, Cooper came along. First off he fell over on the road so has a boo boo on his knee.
 photo 103_2181k_zps7enk3qyf.jpg
Well that didn't go over well but he was easily distracted and so off we went
 photo 103_2180k_zps4n2s33fn.jpg
It was rather hot out but nice in the shade, only one stretch was in the open and that was hard going for me, I hate the heat.
I don't know if Cooper has been there before but it was a frequent walk with Tristen. Here is Cooper at Tristen's rock.
 photo 103_2225_zpsawqkqivc.jpg
We stopped by the pond and the ducks are already grown, teenagers I suppose. They were certainly hoping we had treats but we didn't
 photo 103_2200k_zpscwbjce3w.jpg
 photo 103_2207_zpsqex9ydqp.jpg
Was hard to get the dragon fly to sit still but I did get two.
 photo 103_2219h_zpsgv1lpc5i.jpg
I really wanted the brilliant blue but no such luck.
 photo 103_2221k_zps6bszbmsi.jpg
Lots of flowers.
 photo 103_2192k_zpswbk1c53b.jpg
 photo 103_2204i_zpshuzjnqmm.jpg
 photo 103_2206_zpstkd80vvu.jpg
I used to love these yellow flowers when I was a child in England, or something similar anyway
 photo 103_2196k_zpscpjec1lb.jpg
 photo 103_2196_zpssrf60upr.jpg
Cooper was interested in the flowers he really wanted to pick one for his Mum but she said to leave them for everyone to enjoy.
 photo 103_2194k_zpsy3j16oyb.jpg
Kids Creek the babbling brook.
 photo 103_2208_zpsamoei1k5.jpg
I saw a bunny but it was gone before I could get its picture and the birds were not cooperating either. The Red Wing Black birds were brilliant. No picture though.
Well that was a short walk but we managed to get out after several days of rain and heat and humidity. Too hot for me. Maybe tomorrow we can get out. Enough storms thank you.


Merlesworld said...

You can't beat walks on summer days.

Kay G. said...

Great post! Loved the shots of the flowers and the dragonflies!
I know it get hot while walking. In Georgia, we can only do it early morning before the sun gets too high!

Magic Love Crow said...

Cooper has grown a lot!!! Sorry about the boo boo!! A beautiful walk! Love all the photos! Big Hugs!