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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Day out Leelanau County again................

Well it was a couple of weeks ago now but Laura and I took a day for ourselves and went to the beach. Since then we have had nothing but rain it seems. Also my computer was in the shop and I didn't have a way to get my pictures on the old one from my phone. In fact I have probably a lot of pictures now on the old computer. Anyway if I remember correctly we didn't see much in the way of wildlife that day. We began at Leland looking for stones. The water not as cold as we thought.When we were done though Laura was a little damp haha. This is The Whaleback.
 photo 18767495_10155316953349761_3727189681584767414_n_zpse0jrlfhx.jpg
This is not Leland beach we went to the one at Oneida but was brisk, so we left.
 photo 18892895_10155316952899761_2036526747103999458_n_zpszz1teay1.jpg
 photo 18814272_10155316952364761_2450173545350949412_n_zpsbrjsoy0r.jpg
I am trying to remember what we did in fact. I think that was the day we went up the Dune drive. Yes, we did but not sure what order we did things but ah well, was a good day.
We did see some pretty blossoms and a few blue butterfly and small orange ones.
 photo 18766117_10155316951864761_5596385288948476312_n_zps7ypud7m3.jpg
 photo 103_2040j_zpsvujjjx6z.jpg
 photo 103_2044d_zps0zqwuxnc.jpg
 photo 18813557_10155316952529761_6785491602211451379_n_zps8zzlnafv.jpg
 photo 103_2041g_zpseynaqfvl.jpg
It was a really windy day, it wasn't cold until you got into the bluffs. We went to the overlook this time. We are usually too tired to walk out there most times but this time we made the effort. It gives a really good view all around from high up. This looking down onto North Bar Lake. Thats a great place for kids to swim in the little bit between the lake and Lake Michigan. When my kids were small it was not well known and a favourite destination. Not so much now. Have not been for several years. We like lesser known beaches.
 photo 18814196_10155316949539761_4986313706061913147_n_zps9i8c8ida.jpg
 photo 103_2016_zpsrwkpfdyx.jpg
We put coats on, lucky we did, with the wind up there it was cold and the sand was whipping us. This is Laura on the edge
 photo 103_2000_zpsulskr0xr.jpg
Its about 440 odd feet down there and although people do go down, they are advised not to. It takes about 2 hours to get back up. Also if they have to rescue you then you get to pay for it. You may notice a dot down there, well that may be a person.
 photo 18767375_10155316948159761_5339567233542582821_n_zpsiw66ombl.jpg
The colours are always amazing.
 photo 18766002_10155316947259761_5379861247078671855_n_zps3fnznzcn.jpg
Anyway this was a nice view of Glen Lake. The colours of the lakes here are beautiful.
 photo 103_1994_zps5svuogma.jpg
We never get tired of the views on the dunes.
On the way home we saw these cuties. Not very wild, but there were the Butterfly at least.
 photo 103_2048_zpsddbteznp.jpg
Lots of birdsong but no pictures. Ah well, maybe next time. Laura has to work full time almost so wont be too many trips out this year. Must content myself with my garden

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Magic Love Crow said...

Wow, what a beautiful area! Amazing! Big Hugs!