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Monday, June 12, 2017

Unintended break.....................

My blogs are all way behind. First off I had computer problems. I had to take this computer, that has all my pictures on, in to be fixed. I went to Mad Mikes who did a good and reasonable job, and was recommended by a couple of people. I add a link as I believe he gave fair and good service. He also sells refurbished computers, I am thinking that as an option the next time I want one. Or maybe keeping this one up now I know.
Anyway, I was lost without it. My other computer still works but has a broken hinge and gets over heated quite quickly. It's also old and has old programs on it.
The second reason I am all behind is that I had a phone call from Gabby. They had to leave their rental place and needed a place to stay. So within a few days they were moving in here. I have given over the downstairs/basement rooms to them so they have their own area and privacy. Well as much as is possible. With that came storing things, moving things around and all that entails, you know, like finding new homes for "stuff" that means sorting cupboards again. Fine by me. All Tristens stuff came out of the cupboards in the living room making way for fabric yeahhhhh. So that is handy now.
Anyway, for those who follow me, few that you are, I will now try to catch up. I will post recent adventures here in a couple of new posts and catch up on the other two blogs as well. So hold tight...............I feel finger cramps coming on.


madad ali said...
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LV said...

I can relate to computer issues. I am so dumb on them, I have to rely others for help. Took mine to Best Buy and they fixed it but it was costly. Trust yours worked better and things improve for you and family.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

It's so frustrating when the computer goes wonky :(
Happy to know you found someone to repair it, and didn't charge an arm and a leg.
We never seem to have enough room for all of our stuff do we, especially when you have more people moving in.
A good excuse to keep your loved ones close by, and have a little purge at the same time.

Magic Love Crow said...

Great to hear from you Janice! Sorry about the computer! And, you have new live in's! Life keeps us going! Big Hugs!