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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Family time.........................

So this house of ours on 9th st has been a family home for sure. we often think about selling it in a year or two. We would have work to do first but its too big for the two of us. There are so many memories here
 photo 18766002_10155316947259761_537986124707867_zpsdvqlzyi7.jpg
My parents came several times. Liz came when she divorced my uncle Ray and then she came with Rodney and they got married here.
All of my grand daughters have lived here and some of our friends and friends of my own kids. My parents came when we first moved in so there are lots of good memories.
Over the years we remodeled and added on, added rooms and redid things. So now, we have 5 bedrooms as well as a largish living area. It's a family home. So for two of us, even if we do have 4 poodles and 2 cats, it is getting too much to keep up. So we were thinking that now Tristen is also gone, maybe it's time to give it up.
 photo 20161219_110059_zpslpeyxygp.jpg
That would also mean my garden would be what? Would anyone want to keep that up? Doubt it.
That too has grown over the years...............thing is in order to sell we have to do the siding and roof and replace the windows. Then redo inside carpets etc...........would I want to leave after all that?
Well in the midst of my computer crisis,( it was in the shop). I got a call from Gabby........short story, they had to leave their rental by the weekend. That gave them a couple of days to find somewhere to go.......yup, they moved in with us. That got us thinking about all the people and things that have happened here.
Back in 1982 we had thought about moving back to England. We put our house on the market and sold a lot of didn't sell. As I said the house didn't sell and we rethought things, the economy and other things decided for us really, we would have to stay. Mum and Dad had planned on a holiday here and so we resigned to staying. Then the house sold just as we prepared to take it off the market. We had just a few weeks to get organized and move and get ready for mum and dads visit...........too late to move to England by then. So we looked for a house to move into. Prior to that we always built our houses. This is the first that we didn't build. Well we found this one, we started getting it in shape to at least live in and be OK for my parents visit.
So it began...........................
This house has seen so much. so many pets, so many people.
My kids became teens and finally left home. The boys went into the Marine Corps and Laura got married. Each came back not always at the same time, but the boys to go to college for a year when the left the Marine Corps. Laura came while her husband was deployed overseas. Later bringing grandbabies with her. After her marriage broke up she remarried and again divorced so she came home. When her ex left the Marine Corp and moved back to Traverse City, he and the girls moved in. Over time each one of the granddaughters came to live with us, bringing friends. One of Alex friends came and stayed for her final year of school. One of the boys friends moved in for a year while he looked for a new place to live. We raised Tristen, Alex son, till he was 6 1/2 and now Gabby is back with her little family. maybe it still is and will always be this families home? Maybe we won't ever sell it? Who knows. For now the house is full and happy again.


laura dowdall said...

Wonderful stories your house could tell Janice.It seams to call out to those in need.You will have to stay put my friend.xx

Kay G. said...

Janice, Things happen for a reason. You have more in your big house now! Your home sounds lovely. When you are ready to sell it, I hope all goes smoothly for you. x

LV said...

Around here, it is definitely the sellers market. It would have been gone in a day. Sounds as tho it is not intended for you to sell. You seem to be needed by too many others. Time takes care of things.

Magic Love Crow said...

So many precious memories in your beautiful home! "When the time is right to sell", you will know and there will be signs. For now, you are meant to stay put! Enjoy your family home! Big Hugs!